Ice cream dress

This was the very first dress I made for the Smidge, but (like most everything I make) photographed and blogged months later! It’s my take on an Oliver + S classic: the Ice Cream Dress, here served up in shades of raspberry and vanilla. It’s had a lot of wear so rather inevitably, that pale pink yoke is […]

Galloping Roller Skate Dress!

Isn’t this fabric lovely? It’s another of the talented Sarah Jane’s, called Summer Ride, in Seafoam. Although I never rode as a child, there’s something about these glowing colours, frolicsome ponies and blowsy meadows that’s so evocative of the heady freedom of happy childhood summers. I was just coming round to the idea of making an Oliver + S Roller Skate […]

Library dress, aka schooliform dress #2

Having bottled out of making the Oliver + S Library Dress some time ago, I’m pleased to say I did get around to making it – and of course, it wasn’t nearly so difficult as I’d feared. I used the same chambray-effect grey polycotton as the last school dress, an off-white calico for the waistband, […]

More shorts!

So I fulfilled my promise of some bigger shorts for the Bee, and because it’s summer now (right?!) we tested them out at the beach. It’s the Dana Made KID shorts pattern, flat front version again, and the size 7 fits her better – although I still think they’re not quite high enough at the […]