Strawberry peg bag

Strawberry peg bag 1

A beautifully hand-sewn peg bag was gifted to me by a friend some years ago, and is still going strong. Inspired by it, my second project from Sew! Cath Kidston was this, made for my mother’s birthday. She already has a strawberry laundry bag, so I knew this heavyweight Cath Kidston cotton would go down well. It also looks rather like the one in the book…

The only thing I did differently was to not add the bias tape around the outside of the bag. No, not a design choice; I simply didn’t have enough bias tape! The instructions were vague about how large to make the opening in the front of the bag, and by the time I’d finished binding the opening’s edges (a fiddly process), I realised there wouldn’t be enough for the outer edging. So, be warned: if you’re thinking of making this bag yourself, buy (or make) more tape than the pattern suggests – or cut a smaller opening than I did!

Strawberry peg bag 2

The bag was a bit smaller than I expected, because it’s designed to hang from a child-sized clothes hanger; if you’re making one for a large family, you may want to use an adult hanger and size it up a bit. I lined mine with shower curtain fabric, mainly because I have lots of it left after all those little zippered bags!

And now, a question that’s been bugging me for years: where do you keep a peg bag if you don’t have a utility room? Ours seems to live in many inappropriate places and can never be found when we need it. Answers on a postcard, please…

Strawberry peg bag table


One thought on “Strawberry peg bag

  1. Comment from Mum: it’s a really lovely bag, and brings delight to hanging out the washing! Where to hang a peg bag with no utility room? When it’s as attractive as this, along with the aprons where it can be seen!

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