Ice cream dress

Ice cream dress front 4

This was the very first dress I made for the Smidge, but (like most everything I make) photographed and blogged months later! It’s my take on an Oliver + S classic: the Ice Cream Dress, here served up in shades of raspberry and vanilla.

Ice cream dress front 3

It’s had a lot of wear so rather inevitably, that pale pink yoke is now covered with subtle food stains. Good thing I got some pictures before it got too bad!

Ice cream dress button

I love the peachy footprints in the main fabric, and I’m glad I went for the dusky pink for the bottom tier as it has a lovely coral tone – I found a perfect little coral button for the back, too.


The Smidge is so chuffed with it. It’s so utterly endearing to see her smoothing it down, and telling people unprompted, “Mummy MADE it! For ME!”… It makes me feel so happy!

And that is why I sew.


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