Galloping Roller Skate Dress!

Horses dress playground 1

Isn’t this fabric lovely? It’s another of the talented Sarah Jane’s, called Summer Ride, in Seafoam. Although I never rode as a child, there’s something about these glowing colours, frolicsome ponies and blowsy meadows that’s so evocative of the heady freedom of happy childhood summers.

I was just coming round to the idea of making an Oliver + S Roller Skate Dress with it when I saw these gorgeous photos by Olivia Jane Handcrafted, and knew it was meant to be! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? I hope so, because I think the combination really works, and her version is so beautiful. I decided to omit the ribbon and the neck facings, but left in the notched neckline as I think it’s a pretty detail on an otherwise simple dress.

Horses dress v-neck

Do you like the sandals? My husband can take full credit for them: he was pretty nervous when I dispatched him to Clarks, worrying if I’d approve of his choices… I think it’s safe to say he can go again!

I spent a long time trying to cut the pieces out to get a good pattern match over the central back seam, but not waste too much fabric. In the end I got a compromise; the back seam pretty much matches and I still have some leftovers to use on another project. 🙂

Horses dress Margam 1

The trickiest bit was trying to line up all the pieces beneath the slit on the back of the neck, where two lining and two exterior pieces meet. My first attempt was a complete hash up (cue lots of unpicking, made extra difficult as I’d gone over it several times for strength – typical!). Fortunately, the second attempt worked out just fine.

I really like this little magenta button – it’s the same colour as the large magenta flowers, and adds a nice pop of contrast.

Horses dress button

The dress got a good testing: climbing trees, playing on the playground…

Horses dress collage 3

… Rough-and-tumbling with her sister…

Horses dress cuddle collage

… Running, ‘flying’ with Daddy, and cuddling with Mummy…

Horses dress collage 2

It got a bit stained along the way, but I don’t really mind because it adds character… To the child, if not the dress…

Horses dress flowers 2


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