Roses and elephants

Zip pouch for Rose 3

When I came across a little shop in Cambridge selling off old zips for 50p each, I bought a stack and cycled home happily, making plans in my head for how to use them all… But when I got home, my nieces had other ideas! They played zip pictures, zip counting, zip writing, and tying zips to their scooters, but when it got to the zip tug-of-war, I figured I’d better step in! The only way I could persuade them to hand back their beloved playthings was to promise that I’d make each of them a bag out of their chosen zip… So, here is bag number one: inspired by the pink zip, and my niece’s love of all things pink and girly.

I used Noodlehead’s great Open Wide Zippered Pouch tutorial, along with two Ikea fabrics for the exterior (I think the floral one is called Rosali). I used a pretty little woven polyester stars fabric for the lining, cut from a (new) shower curtain so that it’ll be water resistant in case she wants to use it as a wash bag.

It was a lovely, easy, well-explained tutorial, and a very satisfying result. Next time I’d use a softer, smaller zip – the one I used was very large and it was difficult to bend and fold, so the edges of my bag didn’t meet very cleanly. But I don’t think she is going to mind that – the bag is PINK, and the rest is just detail!

For blog

Buoyed by the success of bag number one, I also made one for my baby nephew who, admittedly, had no interest in the zips whatsoever but still needed a present. Those elephants make me happy! They’re a lightweight Japanese cotton (“Elephant Parade”) which I interfaced to stiffen it a little, and were combined with a piece of heavier weight off-white cotton/linen mix curtain fabric that I had in my stash. The lining is also a (white) shower curtain. Because nothing can ever be too waterproof, with a baby around…

Toile zip pouch collage… Yes, another one! This time for my sister-in-law. She loves all things vintage and most especially yellow roses and birds. One of the bargain zips serendipitously matched this toile (by Sanderson?), festooned with – you got it – birds and roses, and I couldn’t resist! This time I sewed the lining closed along the side edge rather than the bottom – I think it looks a lot neater and less noticeable that way (although I had to take the photos quickly, so forgot to take a picture. And when I say quickly, I mean she was downstairs, waiting for her present! Nothing like a last-minute photoshoot!).

Three presents, three zips used, and one niece-promice fulfilled. No time to waste though as niece number two is already asking where her bag is… I have a plan… But I’ll save that for another post.


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