More shorts!

Flowery shorts jumping

So I fulfilled my promise of some bigger shorts for the Bee, and because it’s summer now (right?!) we tested them out at the beach. It’s the Dana Made KID shorts pattern, flat front version again, and the size 7 fits her better – although I still think they’re not quite high enough at the back so perhaps I should’ve made the size 8. They didn’t fall down though, despite some intensive running, jumping, splashing and roller skating.

Flowery shorts and skates copy

Who else remembers Fisher-Price skates like these?! So old skool cool!

And then: Oliver + S released their new, free, Sunny Day Shorts pattern! I must have been in some kind of shorts zone (if there is such a thing?), as I immediately made some up for the Bee in a size 6. This is also a really excellent pattern – it’s easy to make, well explained (as all Oliver + S patterns are), and it fitted really well. Did I also mention it’s free? The only thing I’d do differently next time is to sew the ribbon tag in a little earlier: the instructions call for this in step 8 right at the end, but because you sew the waistband to the inside of the shorts first, then fold and sew it to the outside, there’s nowhere to tuck it in by that stage. Another time I’ll try sewing it in step 3, when attaching the waistband to the shorts. But that’s such a minor detail because you won’t find a better free tutorial than this one.

Spotty sunny day shorts 6

So the million dollar (well, $8) question is, would I make/buy the KID shorts pattern again, now that there’s such a great free pattern available? Yes! Why? Two reasons: firstly, it’s a little easier – if you’re looking for a quick project, the KID shorts don’t have a separate waistband to cut and sew. Secondly, there are so many great variations that you get with the KID shorts: flat front, retro racer shorts, pockets (front and back), bias trim and piping tutorials, nappy-friendly baby sizes… If you’re a beginner looking for a simple pattern to try, or an experienced sewer who knows how to change up the pattern, the Oliver + S Sunny Day Shorts are for you. If you want a great value pattern with a huge pick ‘n’ mix of styles, or to learn some new techniques, go for the KID shorts. Either way, you won’t regret it!

2014-05-18 18.26.56

The funny thing is, I made both these two pairs out of fabric I wasn’t wild on, as I wasn’t sure either of them would fit. It’s nice to be proved wrong though, and on further reflection, I actually like these prints as shorts – they’re kind of sweet. And the Bee now has two very wearable pairs of shorts for the summer, should it ever choose to arrive…

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