Firefly fiesta skirt

*Firefly fiesta skirt 1 copy 2

This fabric. I agonised for so long over it. It’s called Summer Night Lights (from the delightful Wee Wander collection by Sarah Jane), and I adore the jewel-brightness of it, and its whimsicalness, like an illustration from a children’s book. And those fireflies! There’s something quite magical about them. It’s so perfect for small children, and yet… Its intensity made it difficult to know what to actually use it for! So I did the only thing I could think of: I bought far more of it than I needed, and then let it sit in my sewing corner, marinating in ideas, for months.


A couple of weeks ago I pulled it out again and decided to make a decision! I eventually settled on the free Oliver + S Popover Sundress pattern, and even cut out my matching bias tape, but then I hesitated, unsure… And at last resorted to my favourite activity in times like this (oh alright, my favourite activity full stop): web “research” (better known to my husband as “worrying the web” 😉 )

Several happy minutes hours later I emerged with a plan: this skirt caught my eye on the beautiful Stitched Together blog, and from there I found my way to the Dana Made Fiesta Skirt tutorial. Something about its flamboyance seemed to match the exuberance of the fabric, and I was sold!

As The Bee has been showing a recent interest in sewing, I let her help mark and cut out the skirt (although as her cutting was somewhat less than precise, so she soon got relegated to drawing chalk lines again!). She also really enjoyed using the sewing machine’s “footer” while I fed the side seams through the machine – she called it “presser-ing”, and danced about behind me as I pinned, begging to do some more! We made some pretty close-to-straight seams, considering the speed we were going at!

The tutorial was really easy to follow, and – I never thought I’d say this – the skirt was easy to make! I wanted to make a really full, twirly skirt so I chose to cut four times the waist measurement, in two pieces. The resulting length of fabric made me gasp: almost 2.5m long! Yowzers! That’s *a lot* of fabric for a child’s skirt!

It was totally worth it though: just look how great this skirt is for dancing in! (Holding an egg, of course. As you do, if you’re 4 and on a picnic.)

*Firefly fiesta skirt dancing

I really love how this skirt turned out. There’s something about it that just makes me smile! Although I was worried about so much gathering at the waistline, I think it makes quite a nice feature (don’t look too closely! I haven’t evened it out). I also love the way the plain t-shirt balances out the firefly fabric and prevents it being overwhelming – I think they’re a good match.

Firefly fiesta skirt road

Turns out, the skirt is also a pretty good match for the train station benches round here. 🙂

*Firefly fiesta skirt 3

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