Kimono slipper shoes


When I first saw this Kimono Shoes pattern from iThinkSew, I fell head over heels in love. Shoes? That I can MAKE? That are completely adorable? Where do I sign?! I bought the pattern and determined to make them RIGHT AWAY. But I was quickly sidetracked by making some (equally cute) baby shoes for a friend’s imminent arrival, and then pretty quickly after that, our own little Smidge was born. Needless to say, a year on, these little beauties still hadn’t moved off their pattern pages. So while we were packing for our family holiday in Pembrokeshire, I decided to pack my project – sewing machine and all! – and partake of a little vacation sewing!

I just so happened to have some of the same fabric that the shoes on the sewing pattern cover are made of (Amy Butler’s ‘memento’), so I couldn’t resist using it for my shoes, although I lined mine in pink. The pattern itself was simple and clear, but I’ll admit it was a bit daunting to have to cut 20 pieces of fabric for what seemed like such a small project. Attaching the uppers to the soles was a bit fiddly as the whole shoe bristles with pins: imagine a small and uncooperative hedgehog and you won’t be far off. I also struggled to get the insoles to fit properly, and had to make do with “oh well it’s hidden inside so no-one will notice it’s not a very good fit”…

To my surprise, the shoes actually fitted! (Note: my surprise was due to my inadequate sewing abilities, not the pattern.) The only thing I’d change is to sew the insoles in somehow: they keep slipping up to the side when I wear them, which is frustrating, but I can’t think how to secure them without sewing through the outer sole. Although perhaps there isn’t a problem with that. Maybe glue? So for now, they are sadly relegated to the bottom of my wardrobe, where I gaze at them wistfully from time to time. Because even if they’re not wholly functional, they are rather beautiful, aren’t they? And if ever I figure a way of making those unruly insoles behave, I’ll be making a whole lot more of them.

Kimono slippers 1

Oh, and I almost forgot! Bee’s favourite holiday story has been the one from Alfie and Annie-Rose where Alfie adopts a favourite stone, names it (“Bonting”) and then loses it at the beach. Well, Bee wanted some clothes for her very own Bonting – so here they are! With spare swimming costume and towel, naturally.

Bonting's costumes

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