Schooliform dress #1


So first up: a confession. I wasn’t planning on making this dress at all. I’d bought the pattern and even cut all the pieces out for the stunning Oliver and S Library Dress, but then lost my nerve and decided to make this one first as it looked so much easier. It’s the Pinafore Dress from Emma Hardy’s ‘Making Clothes for Children’, and it is indeed an easy make. (Don’t worry: I’ll make the Library Dress later, once I’m feeling more courageous!).

The main dress came together easily, and the button flowers were simple to make, although a bit time-consuming as there’s a bit of hand sewing involved. They’re a bit wobbly because I rushed them – the silk ribbon stalks were only pinned in a couple of places so they slid sideways while I sewed them (schoolgirl error!) so now they look a bit wonky. I’d also carefully picked one plain and two subtly patterned fabrics for the flower yoyos, but it turns out they’re so subtle, you can’t see them. Hey-ho. Other than that, I think they look rather cute!


Bee’s school uniform is supposed to be grey, with a white shirt and red jumper. I was quite good with the outer side and only added few cheeky pink and lilac buttons… But when it came to the lining, I couldn’t help myself and rebelled with coral pink and fuchsia spots. Who’s going to know? Shhhhh…. 😉


The fit is the only thing I’m a bit disappointed with. The bodice is waaay too wide for her, and has all the style of an oversized pillowcase, despite her measurements being almost exactly those given for her size in the book. I should have been more cautious after the Party Dress (from the same book) came up so large. Note to self: that measuring and alteration thing people often talk about *might just* be a good idea next time…

Schooliform 1 collage

(Yes, she is wearing her shoes on the wrong feet. Oh well – shoes never stay on that long round here anyway!)

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